Stratecent Consulting conducts high-impact, accelerated, 2-day open workshops where organizations can send small groups of participants to experience world class workshops for a fraction of the investment. Open workshops are an effective way to develop workforce capability, while also allowing participants to interact with delegates from a myriad of organizations. These high impact, accelerated workshops will deepen understanding and application of skills and behaviour needed to be an exceptional business leader in the 21st century. Open workshops offer convenience and flexibility as organizations have the option of deciding the number of executives to be trained at a preferred date and location.

Stratecent Consulting aims to bridge the gap between the workplace needs and industry requirement, through the Open Ended Capability Building Workshops. The focus of these high-impact workshops, is developing specialized skills in participants, which will enable them to deliver sustained performance with minimal guidance and faster time to market. We help companies to create collaborative thinkers and creative leaders who make things happen.

All Stratecent Consulting Workshops are transformation programs. Our highly customized workshops help our clients gain deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives.

What is the course content?

Based on industry demands and training requirements of some of the largest companies, our open workshops are focused around skills that drive performance. These include:

  • Problem Solving
  • Large Account Selling / B2B Selling
  • Strategy
  • Systems Thinking

Experiential learning

The idea behind our workshops is to create an endeavour where participants improved their current as well as future capability in order to consistently deliver results in their current and future roles and responsibilities.

Our open workshops are comprehensive, result-oriented programmes designed to develop overall leadership potential in managers across rungs and across industries. It is designed to build skills at the individual level as well as at the group level. It includes, not just an exchange of knowledge, but also a great deal of practical, hands-on experience.

It has a large clinical and practice component which enables participants to practice what they learn. It comprises of knowledge exchange, reading and working on practical assignments involving problem solving on a continual basis.

The workshop integrates games, exercises, role plays, simulations and activities that help teams bond together and also enhances individual excellence.

All role plays are based on real-life business problems, and require consistent efforts, both at the individual and group level, and which enhance adult learning, retention and application of learned skills on a day to day basis.

Learning Methodology

Typical adult learning theories encompass the basic concepts of behavioral change and experience. Most learning theories point to three keys to transformational learning: experience, critical reflection and development.

Stratecent Workshops are engaging, delivered with the effective combination of technology and classroom based learning, and highly experiential, since learning is maximised through practice and reflection.

Value Addition

All Open Workshop content is a combination of practical business insight, from years of first hand consulting expertise, theories from the best sources in the world, and practical application tools, meant to enhance learner understanding, application and retention of skills. All these factors make the sessions extremely high quality. Participants who have gone through the workshops have exhibited a pronounced improvement in their on-the-job skills and overall performance as compared to their peers who have not undergone this program

Who should attend?

Our Workshops are designed for participants across levels and across industries. Through the diverse mix of industries, sectors, countries, and culture, we create a dynamic exchange that draws on leadership experiences from across the globe.

Why Stratecent Consulting?

Stratecent Consulting Open workshops are conducted by experienced facilitators, and are short on academic theory and long on clinical and practice component. This ensures maximization of adult learning, engagement, retention and application of learning at the workplace.

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