Some of the most complex concepts in soft skills, business and management can be delivered through the effective use of animations and characters, which make complex theories very easy to understand, retain and apply in the real world. E-Learning programs are most effective, when content is designed to be informative and visually captivating. Simulations and character animations provide the visual impact necessary to capture a users attention. The closer the visual representation of content is, to real world applications, the more effective the program will be.

Content Delivery Options

Our specialized team of instructional designers, graphic designers and programmers work in collaboration with your needs to understand your objectives and maximize the effectiveness of the e-learning program. We work with the latest technologies, using the best design options, to create lasting impact. We offer a wide variety of options when converting your content into e-learning, in order to customize the learning to the needs of the learners.

One of the core models for learning delivery is through the use of engaging animated tutorials. The tutorials combine practical business knowledge and concepts with clear concise explanations that effectively communicate even the most complex ideas.

Content delivery options include the following:

(1) Combination of Theory and Animated content

(2) Movies

(3) Case Studies

(4) Presentations

(5) Complete Trainer Kits

Learning Methodology

Typical adult learning theories encompass the basic concepts of behavioral change and experience. Most learning theories point to three keys to transformational learning: experience, critical reflection and development.

All concepts and theories are designed to be engaging, delivered through the effective use of animations, and highly experiential, since learning is maximised through practice and reflection.

Learning is delivered using engaging animated tutorials. Participants learn better when they are having fun and learning is more effective when there is enjoyment linked to it. Using animation commands the attention of the learner and when learning is presented in a fun, game like way, then it is often seen as entertainment rather than education or learning. The word animation literally means to breathe life into something and animating topics within education can breathe life into what can sometimes be difficult to understand topics.

The e-learning andragogy is based on Kolb's Learning Cycle.

Kolb's Learning Cycle is based upon experiential learning theory which views learning as a process involving continuous modification of ideas and habits as a result of experience. The e-learning can include summaries, real-life business case studies, quizzes, games and articles that enable continuous Experiential Learning. Interactive application tools and exercises reinforce learning.

Value Addition

Our specialists are well versed in designing e-learning programs using a wide array of value additions like assessments, games, simulations, and case studies, through the effective use of multi-media to not only transfer knowledge, but to convert knowledge into enhanced skills and behaviours.

All e-learning programs can be combined with summaries, real-life business case studies, quizzes and articles that enable continuous Experiential Learning. Interactive application tools and exercises reinforce learning and application on the job.

Our instructional designers utitlise a combination of practical business insight, derived from years of first hand consulting expertise, theories from the best sources in the world, coupled with your unique content and practical application tools, meant to enhance learner understanding, application and retention of skills. All these factors make our customized e-learning courses of extremely high quality. Participants who have gone through similar courses have exhibited a pronounced improvement in their on-the-job skills and overall performance as compared to their peers who have not undergone similar programs.

Benefits of e-learning vs. traditional learning

Better Return on Investment Online e-learning is less expensive, and gives better ROI than attending a live class on the same topic, and the content is world class.

Just-In-Time Training You can go through the course anytime, anywhere, at your convenience. You can learn when you need to, not just when they happen to be scheduled.

Take over and over unlike a live training class where you only get one shot at learning the material, with eLearning, you can watch a module as many times as you like to solidify the concepts in your mind.

Pace of Learning It's learner-paced. Unlike a class, where all learners have to move at a constant pace, in eLearning learners can progress at their own speed and pace, thereby maximizing the impact of the learning.

Skill Development Any skill requires ample time and a safe environment to develop. And an eLearning provides the environment where learners can practice again and again, and can also measure the amount of progress they have made in learning the skill.

Theory Theory is delivered using a combination of theory, animation and animated content to increase learner focus and retention.

Application After completion of some part of the theory, users can be given the option of using templates available in the Application section to test their understanding of the theory. This can include summary sheets, case studies, interactive exercises, quizzes, articles and so on.

Assessments & Certification

In addition to the above value additions, we also offer customized assessment. Comprehensive assessments can be designed based on your unique content, to measure the level of skill development in candidates who are undergoing the program.

The assessment can be categorized into phases. It will assess the participants level of knowledge and practical application of the skills. At the end of the designated number of assessments, candidates can receive their overall score, as well as a review of their performance.

Candidates who fulfill the minimum requirement for certification, can qualify for certification by the company, or through Stratecent Consulting.

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