What is Creating Client Value ?

Creating Client Value is Impartas World Class Solution for the consultative sales force of the 21st century. Neil Rackham, a world-renowned authority on the sales force process and sales force issues, has worked closely with Imparta to develop the Creating Client Value accelerated learning solution. Neil is one of the world's leading thinkers and researchers on sales effectiveness and one of the researchers behind, and author of, the bestselling books SPIN Selling, Rethinking the Sales Force and Major Account Selling. Developed by experienced sales practitioners, Creating Client Value is a powerful skill-building program for direct salespeople, sales managers, and senior managers involved in business to business selling. It will help participants to:

  • Win in competitive situations;
  • Think more strategically about their accounts;
  • Form more productive relationships with customers;
  • Capture more sales through a better understanding of their customers business
  • Increase cross-selling through a broader assessment of how their company could create value for the customer.

Creating Client Value (CCV) offers a solution which integrates organisational consulting to ensure relevance and adoption. Participants enjoy a combination of computer-based, on-line and group-based learning and reinforcement to ensure a deep and lasting impact within the organisation.

The Importance of Value

Most of these changes in purchasing are not driven by costs. They are driven by value. Few companies buy the very cheapest products and services. They try to make a decision that maximises value and the issue becomes one not only of price reduction, but also the reduction of total cost of acquisition. If buyers know what they want, then buying is effectively transactional. Today, the perfect medium for this kind of purchase is developing fast it is the Internet.

Supply companies need to think about the value equation in the sales process itself. With globalisation leading to more competition, and technology allowing more rapid product development it is becoming harder to create additional value in the product itself. Product differentiation is hard to sustain and more and more products are becoming commodities. Sophisticated consumers and customers are able to make their own rational choices, rather than relying on brands or sales people to help them decide.

Implications of Increasing Customer Sophistication

The coming of e-commerce and the growing sophistication of buyers will lead to two very different buying modes. Someone exhibiting intrinsic value buyer behaviour will look to web sites or call centres to place their transactional orders. They will source some products at the lowest price (not the cheapest product, but the preferred product at the lowest effective price). No sales people will be needed in this process. No sales people will be tolerated in the name of relationship or information delivery.

What are Creating Client Value Workshops ?

Creating Client Value workshops are highly interactive, compelling two-day events that incorporate realistic business simulations with a range of interactive exercises and role-plays. The workshop combines theory review with extensive skills practice and peer feedback. Participants are able to develop their Creating Client Value capability in a safe, challenging and enjoyable learning environment.

Creating Client Value Workshops are designed for sales people who sell consultatively and who achieve their targets by developing business from major accounts.

Death of the Salesman?

Fortunately, for all involved in sales, there is another category of buyer behaviour, where buyers are willing to pay for the value that can be created for them by a sales person in the buying process. Sales people in the 21st Century will increasingly need to be able to do what computers still don't do well (e.g. analysing customer needs), whilst still harnessing the benefits of technology. This will create the valuable blend of effectiveness and efficiency that clients will pay for, and which will deliver a profit for suppliers.

What is included ?

The Creating Client Value Workshop integrates with Imparta's Award Winning CCV CoPilot Business Simulations that allow delegates to immediately practice their understanding from the tutorials. At the end of the first Diagnostic Simulation, they receive an extensive feedback that will help guide their learning over the rest of the workshop. Our 2-Day format is structured around the 4 stages of the Buying Cycle. Delegates participate in a range of experiential learning and have the opportunity to apply and practice new skills. This allows them to benchmark their progress and look ahead to continuing their development after the workshop has ended.

The Buying Cycle

One of the key advantages of Creating Client Value CoPilot is that it puts the sales person in the shoes of the buyer, by looking at the process from their perspective. Most sales training focuses on what the sales person should be doing to the buyer an approach that often leads to the sales person imposing their agenda on the buyer, rather than adding value to the process.

What are the benefits of an Accelerated Workshop?

The Creating Client Value Workshop is part of Imparta's accelerated learning solution. It provides an opportunity to focus solely on developing Creating Client Value capability because the theory has already been absorbed. By experiencing a compelling, focused, challenging and memorable workshop, participants enjoy real development and enrichment of their capability to create value for their clients. By building this capability, users will be equipped for continued sales success. Imparta's learning approach matches the power of technology with the best aspects of traditional learning. And it's great fun!

Provenance of Creating Client Value

The content of Creating Client Value CoPilot comes from four main sources:

  • The lifetime work of Neil Rackham, author of SPIN Selling and a leading researcher in sales effectiveness.
  • Neil's collaboration with John de Vincentis, until recently the leader of McKinsey & Company's Sales Practice, as crystallized in their recent book Rethinking the Salesforce. The research for this book combined Neil's work with data on 120 McKinsey clients and insights from McKinsey studies into sales effectiveness.
  • Imparta's own IP in the fields of Strategy and Marketing.
  • The public domain. The Value Chain is a derivation of the McKinsey Business System and the Value Chain developed by Professor Michael Porter at Harvard Business School.

Phase 1: Awareness of Needs

Sales people can add value by showing customers how to improve their businesses. For example, they can help to identify and quantify value opportunities that customers were not even aware of. A good sales person will understand how to work through the client organisation to provide each member of the decision making group with the information and value that they require.

Phase 2: Assessment of Alternatives

When customers need to source goods or services, they often lack the procedures and techniques to ensure that all stakeholders are involved and that the final decision maximises the value they could achieve, taking full account of benefits and costs. A skilled sales person can help with this process; guiding customers as they identify their buying criteria, explore their options and prioritise their needs.

Phase 3: Alleviation of Risk

A skilled sales person can work with a customer to identify issues and blockages that may need to be negotiated in selecting a preferred solution. This provides support for customers as they work towards the option that will add most value.

Phase 4: Purchase

Purchase effectively remains a transactional process. Sales professionals need to make it quick and easy to place the order

Phase 5: Achievement of Results

Sales people can create huge value for their clients and themselves by helping to ensure successful implementation of the solution. Working on the people issues can provide as much value as addressing technical implementation challenges.

How you will benefit ?

The Challenges of the 21st Century Salesforce:

Product differentiation is increasingly hard to achieve and maintain. Purchasing and Supply Chain Management has led to rationalisation of suppliers. One of the scarcest resources, information, has become one of the most plentiful with consequent reduction in value. E-Commerce, fuelled by internet explosion, has turned many sales people into an unnecessary cost - simply friction in the buyer-seller interface. The sales role used to be seen as a part of the marketing & communications mix. The objective was to communicate the value that had been built into the product and to manage the flow of information about prices, deliveries and discounts.

In the 21st Century, salespeople who continue to see their role as communicating value will disappear. For those sales people who understand intimately how business works, and who can apply their human creativity to matching client opportunities with their companys capabilities, significant value can be created and captured. This ability to create value for clients, in the sales process itself, will be the key to competitive advantage.

Who should attend ?

Creating Client Value CoPilot is targeted at:

  • Business to business sales people
  • Large Account Sales force
  • High Value & Concept Salespeople
  • End users (rather than channels)
  • Non-government organisations
  • Complex situations requiring on-going relationships

Specific sectors where we have had success include:

  • Professional Service Firms (where revenue generators often do not see themselves as sales people (the Creating Client Value brand sits better with them than a sales training program).
  • Companies becoming more sales focused utilities, privatised companies
  • Support services
  • Technology providers

Creating Client Value can help organisations respond to changes in purchasing behaviour and to develop the capabilities that will determine future success.

Sales teams today typically face an environment populated by much more rational and professional buyers. More professional purchasing has been characterised by:

  • a massive reduction in the number of suppliers to most organisations
  • buyers looking beyond the product costs to the total cost of acquisition
  • costs of engaging in the sales process coming under scrutiny by the buyer
  • sophisticated buying organisations reducing sales contact from suppliers
  • longer contracts and less frequent opportunities to win back business.

Who Facilitates the Workshop ?

Imparta, through it's network of Accredited Trainers, delivers Creating Client Value Workshops across the globe. Imparta has an international network of accredited sales faculty from diverse industries. They are energetic and creative individuals with a strong sales background as well as excellence in delivering training.

Stratecent Consulting is the Facilitator of the Creating Client Value Workshops in India. Stratecent Consulting is a strategy and human capital services company, which in partnership with Imparta, helps some of the world's largest corporations build consultative selling skills in their front line sales people.

Program Details (Investment)
For pricing and other details, please contact us. The investment for this program includes all tuition, course material, handouts and refreshments for the 2 days.